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  • rob


    Listed On: July 8, 6:17 pm
    Ricky Carroll Hemi 6'0 x 20 1/4 x 2 1/2 . Tri quad configuration. Set up as a tri comes with 3 futures fins. You must provide your own quad fins. Excellent condition ridden a handful of times. Tiny...
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  • 6'0

    6'0" Rawson Impala

    Listed On: June 13, 7:34 pm
    Condition: Approx 2.5 yrs/old. In good shape with some pressure dings on the deck and hull, and of course heel dents. Bright white and water tight. Works well in waist up to head high surf -...
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  • 9' Naish Nalu SUP

    9' Naish Nalu SUP

    Listed On: May 9, 9:37 pm
    Naish Nalu used 6 times, comes with Naish bag, both bag and board are in like new condition, no dings or scuffs, still super shiny with bamboo veneer, beautiful board. Pictures to follow...
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  • Firewire Dominator 6'2

    Firewire Dominator 6'2

    Listed On: April 3, 11:51 pm
    Firewire Dominator 6'2 FCS with stretch S4 FCS fins or mayhem GMB quad set (your choice). Great east coast and travel board for thigh to 1 foot overhead. A small ding on the bottom that has been...
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  • Local Motion 6'1

    Local Motion 6'1

    Listed On: April 2, 1:49 am
    Good rideable condition . Great East Coast and travel board for thigh to 1 foot overhead.
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  • Timmy Patterson Shortboard

    Timmy Patterson Shortboard

    Listed On: April 2, 1:33 am
    Brand New Timmy Patterson Shortboard 6'3" x 18 3/8 x 2 3/16 squash tail with standard glass futures tri fin setup fins are not pictured but will be included This board is in brand new "straight...
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  • Three surfboards for sale

    Three surfboards for sale

    Listed On: April 2, 1:11 am
    left to right: 6'3" x 20.5" x 2.87" AJW bump squash model. The board is in very good shape. $300 8'6" x 22" x 3" Basic Element tri fin longboard gun. Blue airbrush. Some cosmetic blemishes. All...
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